DAO Governance

DAO governance is an indispensable step to make DeHorizon an autonomous, dimensional and flourishing metaverse game ecosystem, promoting the development of the creator economy. With our DAO, players' passion can be channeled to help make the DeHorizon metaverse even better.
DeHorizon DAO
DeHorizon DAO is made up of DeVoice (general members) and DeGuardian (core committee members). One of the original intentions to launch DeHorizon DAO was to carefully listen to the voices of DeHorizon fans around the world. So we kindly call them DeVoice. Meanwhile, we also need valuable advice and opinions from industry pioneers to guard our DAO. We respect them as DeGuardian.
DeVoice: Rules & Benefits
To build an active and positive DAO environment, holders of DEVT have to stake a certain amount of DEVT to join as DeVoice, representing their commitment to the project. The amount of DEVT depends on the number of holders’ addresses, the price of DEVT and the launch date of the staking smart contract. The minimum amount of DEVT staking will increase slowly in a linear trend from the first day of the contract launch.
DeVoice are able to have a lower transaction fee, the whitelist for NFT sale on Opensea and token Airdrop from the redistribution of 2% incomes.
DeGuardian: Rules & Responsibility
To start, 4 members from the DeHorizon Foundation will join as DeGuardians and adopt the role of chairman. The other 4 members will be held by investors and advisers to maintain sustainable development. In the near future, DAO members can nominate new members to act as DeGuardians.
As for DeGuardians, they have to stake at least 500,000 DEVT to show their respect for the membership.
During the election, they are responsible for:
  1. 1.
    Jointly grow and promote DeHorizon Foundation
  2. 2.
    Review and vote on major community proposals
  3. 3.
    Participate in managing DeHorizon Treasury and further funding allocations
  4. 4.
    Supervise on general operation and development of DeHorizon metaverse
  5. 5.
    Scale up the network of DeHorizon metaverse
The first-round election of DeGuardians are Binance Labs, Griffin Gaming Partners, Dragonfly Capital Partners and Sfermion alongside Shane, Todd, Joe and David.