Official Litepaper, last updated Feb 2022.
Welcome to team battle DeVerse!
DeVerse is the very first game in the DeHorizon metaverse. As an MMO&RPG gaming product, DeVerse enables players to play for fun and earn in the immersive battlefield, including team-battle gameplay, NFT collection, and much more.
Currently, there are five in-game characters named Numen and two unique battlefields in DeVerse for players to get ready for the battle. More optional Numen and battle gameplays will be developed later.
The background behind DeVerse is set in a dark and evil world. The giant Hepta-crested dragon turned up out of nowhere, and the world sits on the brink of destruction. Additionally, two camps have broken out in a large-scale war due to contrasting intentions.
As it relates to the overall story, tidbits of truth-telling to how the world came to start to fall apart will be revealed gradually, incorporating more universe stories as well.

Opportunity & Vision

Evolution from Game1.0 to Game4.0
We have observed many technological changes and disruptive innovations during our evolution from Game1.0 to Game3.0 (play-to-earn). The gaming space is expansive and ever-evolving!
So, what is next?
Of the current play-to-earn (P2E) market, most GameFi projects lack truly entertaining points and an organic economic mechanism to support a long-term sustainable model.
We can spot that the next wave of GameFi is a fundamental shift from a centralized game of entertainment to a decentralized, collaborative, and democratized platform also capable of replicating and enhancing playability and fun.
As valuable NFT utilities are implemented more frequently in P2E games alongside innovative player incentive programs, game developers focus their efforts on maximizing playability and ease of access, which some consider the most impeding barriers to entry. Thus, we work out solutions to cope with the current common phenomenon.

Free to Play

We set out with an ambitious goal in DeVerse; provide our players with an exclusive "Free to Play" experience in DeVerse. Once players enter DeVerse, they will be assigned a Numen at no cost to get started. There will be no need for complex trading preparations to get rolling. We firmly believe this built-in "Free to Play" aspect will effectively eliminate some entry barriers.

“Play for Fun and to Earn”

Team battle DeVerse continues to push the envelope of possibility regarding the interplay of fun and ease of play, independent of pure aesthetics and a sustainable economic mechanism. Without fun gameplay, new players will not be interested, which is the focus of our priorities. With this goal in mind, we scripted the storyline of DeHorizon, where DeVerse takes place. Players can expect various maps, additional Numen with storied backgrounds, and social elements deployed continuously throughout the game.

Cultivate the sense of membership and collaboration

Democratic collaboration and economic prosperity are critical elements to drive additional traffic to the DeHorizon metaverse. We will set an appropriate incentive program to support and reward the contributions of our staunch players.
To our great pleasure, we have already seen many capable members joining us and brainstorming innovative ideas, constructing a functioning decentralized metaverse community. Stemming from this construction is a self-driven community breeding a game in high demand.
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