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As attractive and exciting as DeVerse already is, the movement to create an incredible metaverse landscape of "Playing for Fun and to Earn" will never stop.
For a more autonomous and collaborative community, we are pleased to see more DAO members voice their minds and make proposals including character, map, game mode, features, and systems to fulfill more roadmaps besides the determined scheme.
Whether expanding more Numen features or introducing more Numen depends on DAO's voting!

Q1 2022

  • Release DeVerse Gameplay Introduction
Primarily introduce Numen, basic in-game features and game assets
  • Update DeVerse Official Website
  • Launch the staking pool of DEVT/DVT
  • Launch DeVerse Internal Test
  • Propose designing new game contents to DeHorizon DAO
Game contents include Numen, map, and much more

Q2 2022

  • Optimize several parts of DeVerse
Game balance, performance optimization, visual improvement, user experience optimization, control methods, bug fixes, and more.
  • Setup and promote DeVerse Scholarship
  • DeVerse Geo Beta Test Launch
  • Launch DeHorizon Marketplace
Players can trade DeVerse NFTs in the DeHorizon Marketplace.

Q3 2022

  • Support more social features in DeVerse
Such as voice chat, an emoji system, and an avatar system
  • Release DeVerse Beta Version
*The roadmap is subject to change and will be updated along the way.
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