Completed Milestones
Q2 2021
  • DeHorizon project founded
  • The initial team (game development, art, marketing) formed
Q3 2021
  • Global marketing campaign began
  • The first NFT campaign announced with 5k Twitter followers, 2k Medium followers and 4k Discord members
  • $8.5M Pre-A round raising closed, led by Sfermion, Dragonfly Capital and Everest Ventures Group
  • Partnership with American Rapper Tyga announced
  • The first interoperable, editable, evolvable NFT "DeMeta Pass ID" (DeMeta) launched
Q4 2021
  • Official website V2 updated
  • DEVT listed on Bybit,OKEx,, Kikitrade and Uniswap
  • DAO and its rules launched
Q1 2022
  • Release DeHorizon metaverse trailer
  • Release DeVerse gameplay demo
  • Launch DeVerse Alpha
  • List DVT on DEXs
Coming Soon
Q2 2022
  • Launch DeTournament Alpha
  • Launch DTT on DEXs
Q3 2022
  • Launch DeMythical Alpha
  • Launch DMT on DEXs
Q4 2022
  • Launch DeHorizon Carnival
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