DEVT is an ERC-20 governance token used to promote the development of DeHorizon metaverse. The total supply of DEVT is 300 million. Those who hold and stake DEVT will have the chance to be members of DeHorizon DAO and participate in governance proposals. A burn mechanism will be introduced later to maintain a stable deflation of DEVT.

DEVT Allocations

Detailed Unlock Schedule

Tip: For the specific unlocked schedule, please pay attention to the monthly announcement.

In-Game Token: DVT, DTT, DMT

DVT (DeVerse Token), DTT (DeTournament Token), and DMT (DeMythical Token) are the native tokens in DeHorizon games. By purchasing these in-game tokens, players can acquire in-game assets such as characters, land, equipment, and more.

Supply Schedule

The supply of DVT/DTT/DMT is entirely based on the growth of the games’ user bases and the unlocked gameplay.

The initial supply amount of DVT/DTT/DMT is 1,000,000,000. To keep the token launch as fair as possible, DVT/DTT/DMT will be released by Fair Launch.

The Utility of DEVT & DVT in DeVerse

DEVT holders can join DeHorizon DAO by staking a certain amount of DEVT so that they can have a lower transaction fee rather than the general charge of 7% in the in-game marketplace. Also, DAO members can have various benefits including Airdrop rewards, the whitelist of NFTs and voting on key game development.

Most in-game items require DVT to pay. The higher level you are, the higher income you have.

The goal of the dual token economy is to maintain a sustainable economic loop as well as possible.

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